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Our Mission

To drive continuous, personal, and professional growth through the mastery of technology.

Welcome to NCS, where technology meets growth. We're not just a partner; we're the driving force behind SMBs, providing affordable, cutting-edge solutions to outpace the competition and ensure security. With a keen awareness that your budget is as crucial as our own, we've fueled success for four decades by making technology and support economical for our clients. Through a purpose-driven approach, we strive to impact our community through creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning. We're here to serve and empower SMBs in the Pacific Northwest with two strategic locations.

Milton, WA

Spokane Valley, WA

Core Values


Our team of support specialists and Microsoft Certified technicians are here to solve any issues that arise, quickly and accurately.


We thrive on swift and effective solutions, always attuned to the evolving needs of our clients and team.


Trust is the foundation of our relationships. We prioritize transparency, reliability, and integrity, earning the confidence of those we serve.


We believe in approaching every interaction with empathy, understanding the human element in technology and business.


We acknowledge that continuous improvement and learning are the keys to growth and success.

Purpose Driven

The guidance for our efforts; every partnership is rooted in our commitment to making a meaningful impact on people.

Our Future

As we look ahead, we are committed to growth - translating into better services and products and competitive pricing for our clients. Over the last five years, two companies have joined the NCS family, we've added talent for business process and technical expertise, and expanded our physical presence from Western to both Eastern and Western Washington. Constantly evaluating new services, we're focused on staying at the forefront of technology to deliver optimal solutions for our clients.

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